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You’ll save lots of money when Movers in Houston compete for your move. Whether you’re moving within Houston, to Pearland, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, Baytown, Dallas, Seattle, Boston or any city in between.

You’ll save time.  Who has extra time to research the hundreds of Houston Moving Companies? Take 1 minute and complete the simple form and professional pre-screened Houston area Movers will contact you quickly with all the details you need to choose the right Mover in Houston for your move.

Houston Movers Now keeps you from sacrificing Service to get the best rates. Our professional local movers, long distance movers and relocation companies have been pre-screened for full compliance with Texas and Federal regulations.

Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you sell my email address?
Do you sell my phone number?

NO to both questions.  Your information is only used for the purpose of giving you a Free, No Obligation moving quote from Houston Moving Companies for your local or interstate move.

I’ve already disconnected my email, how can I still get quotes?

No problem.  Just call us and you’ll receive the same competitive quotes from the same professional Houston moving companies..
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How much more expensive is it than moving myself?

Most people who had considered moving themselves are delighted to find out that it isn’t much more to have professionals move them.  Their move is completed in ¼ the time and they can save those favors of friends and family for a later time.  (Have you ever noticed how silent a room gets when someone mentions they are going to move?)

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"Over the last couple of years, even though I didn't want to, I kept re-signing my lease at the last minute because I couldn't bear the thought of the moving process. Finally, when my landlord stuck it to me again, I decided to bite the bullet. Thanks so much. It was as hassle free as I guess a move can be. Nothing like the last time. The guys were courteous and were in and out in half the time I expected. I love my new place and am kicking myself for not doing it sooner." - - - Cassie B

Houston Movers Now is a leader in the moving industry matching your moving needs with the right Houston Moving Companies.  40 million Americans move each year and if you’ve personally never had a bad experience with a move; you know someone who has. You’ve heard their nightmare experience and you want to do all you can to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Depending upon the reason for your move, the stress of moving ranks right up there with divorce.  Whether you’re moving across country for career opportunities, or just down the street, we understand you’re not just moving “stuff”.  You’re moving memories and bringing a part of your past into your future. 

A “china platter” can be just a “china platter” unless it was given to you by your late grandmother.  Not all Moving Companies will treat your possessions as if they are “your grandmother's china platter”. Not all Moving Companies understand or care about your individual needs – You are just a number to them.

Even under the best of circumstances, things can go wrong in a move; however, if you are just a number to a mover in the first place; you’re likely to be just a number (a very low number) when it comes to customer service and resolution.

Narrowing down your search for the right Houston movers can be a very complicated and time consuming process.  The last thing you have when you’re planning a move is “extra time”.  Houston Movers Now has already done that for you.  We’ve narrowed the search to a hand full of choice licensed and insured Movers in Houston and then allow you to choose which mover best fits your specific needs and circumstances.

Houston movers will help save your precious time researching moving companies for – who’s licensed? – who’s insured? – who’s available? – who’s got good rates? – Who’s willing to take the time to answer my questions? GET A FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTES for your local or long distance move.

There is no better way to save time, money and your sanity than our qualified quote service. There's a day and night difference from just picking a name out of the phone book and using our service.

It’s simple.  Complete the form.  Wait for the prescreened Houston Movers to contact you with their quotations.  Book your move and then you’ll be free to tackle the other tasks that need to be done before your move date.


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